Miriam Liske-Doorandish

Miriam Liske-Doorandish is a 19-year old cellist and artist from Eggleston, VA. At the age of two she requested her first cello, and began her musical studies with her mother, Lisa Liske-Doorandish. She has since received instruction from Jonathan Kramer (NCSU), Hans Jensen (Northwestern University) and Bartholomew LaFollette (The Yehudi Menuhin School) while continuing to collaborate with and learn from her mother. To facilitate lessons with her current teacher and mentor Mr. LaFollette (who lives in London), Miriam spent 2012 dividing her time between the U.S. and Europe. As of Fall 2013, she is continuing her cellistic studies in London at the Royal College of Music, undertaking a joint-study with Thomas Carroll and Bartholomew LaFollette.

As a performer Miriam has broad experience, ranging from solo recitals and performances with orchestra to concerts with members of the Carmina Quartet and collaborations with celtic, folk and jazz musicians. Miriam enjoys many genres of music, and often improvises with musicians in many different styles. For her, different “kinds” of music are different dialects of one language, one in which she is always striving to become more fluent. Attracted to performance opportunities of eclectic description, Miriam will offer several solo programs in diverse venues this season.

A devoted chamber musician, Miriam has received merit scholarships to summer festivals such as the North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Program, The National Music Festival, Soundfest Chamber Music Festival, and Bowdoin International Music Festival. She has also attended Alasdair Beatson’s chamber music festival Musique à Marsac in southwest France.  Miriam has collaborated with members of the Carmina, Doric, Ying, Chiaroscuro and Colorado Quartets, and when in the States frequently performs with the Blue Ridge Cello Ensemble and the Junonia Cello Quartet. She is also part of several chamber ensembles at the RCM, including the newly-formed Értz Quartet.

Miriam has had success at several competitions including the Arts Academy of North Carolina’s annual Violin and Cello Competition (first place, 2008), the Tennessee Cello Workshop Competition (first place, ’09, ’13), the Music Teacher’s National Association Competition, (first place state division, ’10), the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition in Iowa (first place, June of ’12), and, most recently, the Virginia Lions Club Competition. She has also appeared on NPR’s From The Top radio program with pianist Christopher O’Reilly and cellist Matt Haimovitz.

Through events such as the Lazslo Varga Celebration, the Elizabeth Cowling celebration, and the Tennessee Cello Workshop, Miriam has participated in masterclasses with Steven Doane, Bonnie Hampton, Norman Fischer, Hans Jensen, and Colin Carr. She has also played for David Finckel, Zuill Bailey, Thomas Grossenbacher, Amy Barston, Julie Albers, Natalie Haas, and Wendy Warner.

Along with her love of music, Miriam is an artist of various descriptions. She enjoys drawing, photography, sculpture, baking fancy desserts, and clothing design.

Besides her musical and aesthetic pursuits, Miriam maintains a keen interest in sociological and environmental issues.

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